Enhanced Benefits of Peloton Club Podium Membership
(Podium benefits are in addition to all of the Peloton Club Benefits)

Access to Concierge Service
Peloton Club Podium members have access to a level of service unheard-of anywhere in bicycle retail, and the most important part of this is a personal bicycle concierge. You'll receive a phone number and email address which function as a do-it-all Mike's Bikes Batphone with personal service just for you. Need to order something and have it by the weekend? Call us up and we'll get it pronto. Want to bring a friend in to test ride a hot new model? Send an email and we'll have the bike waiting in the perfect size. It's a one-stop touch-point for anything and everything that Mike's Bikes can provide, and it's all yours as a valued Podium member.

Two Free Entries to a Mike's Bikes Supported Ride or Event
We want to help you enjoy more of the amazing cycling events that our part of the world is known for. To that end, we'll cover the entry fees for two Mike's Bikes Supported rides or races for all Podium members.

Free Packing and Unpacking/Reassembly of Bike
In our effort to make it easier for you to travel far and wide for cycling adventure, we will provide free disassembly, proper packing, and reassembly of your bike* before and after your trip. Combine this with free travel case rental and all you'll need to do is cover airfare and provide the pedal power for your next trip.
*Must be a bike purchased with Mike's Bikes and must be used for travel.