Welcome to the Peloton Club! In addition to all the great awards you've received along the road to becoming a Peloton Club member, you will now receive additional VIP benefits we're sure you'll enjoy. Special events such as visits to the Specialized Headquarters to see and test the latest technology, early-bird pricing during our Mega Sales, and a customized stainless steel Peloton Club card - in addition to the benefits listed below -  are all our way of saying thank you for choosing Mike's.

Priority Service Turnaround
As a Peloton Club member, you will be given priority for any type of routine service or maintenance required. There is no need to make an appointment, just come into any Mike's Bikes location, check in your bike* as a Peloton Club member, and we'll take it from there. Get in, get service, and get back out on your bike quicker than ever with Peloton Club.
*Must be a bike purchased to qualify you into the Peloton Club
In some cases where required parts are not in stock at time of drop off or timeline will adversely effect quality of service. May not be available during our two promotional weekends in April and August.

Free Entry to a Mike's Bikes Supported Ride or Event
All Peloton Club members are invited to attend a Mike's Bikes Supported ride or race for free! We sponsor a wide variety of different types of events every year which club members may choose from. New members may go here to see what events we're offering entry into.

Personalized Frame Decals
What better way to add a little zest to your bike than by sporting a customized frame decal with your name on it? These high-quality decals will make you feel just as pro as Boonen and Overend combined. We can't guarantee that they'll make you faster but they sure as heck will look good. Click here to order yours now.